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Mosquito bites are something we’ve all experienced on a camping trip, at home in the backyard, on vacation, etc. There are all kinds of remedies out there for the bites, but what makes them actually hurt? Why do some people react in different ways once bitten? We’ll answer a few questions about the science behind bites and what to do.


When we’re first bitten, our bodies recognize a mosquito’s saliva as a foreign substance, something that’s not supposed to be there. Histamines are sent to the bite area to flush out the foreign substance, which also causes swelling and itching. More specifically the histamine communicating with nerves around the area causes the itching. 


The swelling is also a result of more blood flow and white blood cells to the bitten area to try and get rid of the foreign substance before it spreads. As some people may know, others react to mosquito bites differently, more seriously whereas others won’t even notice or see a bite. 


Firstly, we’ll address more common symptoms:

  • Inflamed, reddish bump on the skin 
  • Itching on and around the bite area
  • The bitten area is warm to the touch
  • Depending upon your reaction to mosquitoes, there could many bites or very few
  • People with an adverse reaction can experience more serious symptoms like a fever, swollen lymph nodes, the bites can look more like a small bruise, hives and more severe inflammation and redness 


This is dependent simply on the individual and the immune system and histamine response. Some may even build up a tolerance to mosquito bites over time. If you have a stronger reaction to mosquito bites, avoid itching an already inflamed area as this could make the itching worse and cause more inflammation.


Mosquitoes bite for the nutrients in blood; only female mosquitoes actually bite to gain nutrients for reproduction. Once bitten, the inflammation, itch and irritating pain do go away, but can be just enough to cause a nuisance. Some treatments through popularity include antihistamines, heat application, direct application of lemon juice or minced garlic, baking soda mixed with water on the bite area, applying aloe, etc. 


Avoiding all of that discomfort is as simple as being prepared and going with the best option possible. Mosquito Magnet provides the best eco-friendly, effective way to get rid of the mosquito population or colony near your home, business, etc. Plan ahead and give us a call, feel free to ask what options work best for you or to simply find out more information!