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Mosquitoes are great at adapting (unfortunately) and like many other animals and insects of nature, prefer to “hunt” at certain times of the day. Times of activity for many animals and insects depends upon when their food source or prey is active, cooler times of the day, when predators are least active, etc. Mosquito activity is relatively simple, but we’ll look into why that is and how they have evolved over time.


There are many species of mosquitoes, some are active during the day, others at night. Mosquitoes throughout the US and USVI are actually more active during – you guessed it – dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes avoid direct sunlight due to the fact that it can be dehydrating, so they flock to cooler areas during peak sun hours like forests, wooded areas, riverbeds, ponds/still water, etc. So, it’s best to avoid these types of areas altogether during mosquito season.


When exactly is mosquito season in the Caribbean? For our readers off island, June to October is considered both mosquito season and hurricane season during the warmer months due to the fact that there’s more standing water from rain for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and populate at lightning speeds. After rain or a storm, female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in anything with standing water like pots, flooded spots in the backyard, stagnant fountains, etc.


If you’re planning on going outdoors for a hike, exercise or having a get together on the patio, avoid peak hours of activity for mosquitoes at dusk and dawn. Drain and remove standing water around your home or business and keep indoor areas a place of relief by having screens installed or doors/windows closed during peak hours (or really as much as possible).


But, as mentioned earlier, there are some mosquitoes that are active during the nighttime that can still carry disease. The species Culex, for example, is active during the night and are prone to carrying the West Nile Virus (more prominent throughout the US). Species Anopheles is also active all times of the day and are known to spread Malaria.


Mosquito numbers tend to drop during the cooler season or completely disappear in areas where the temperature can get below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to properly prepare and schedule your Mosquito Magnet machine installation before the hurricane/mosquito season to stay ahead of those pesky suckers and reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes carrying disease in your area.