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We’re here today to bust some of those mosquito myths you’ve been told since you were a kid and shed a different light on mosquitoes and their scope in USVI community! The itch, irritation, and risk of disease that comes with mosquitoes is unbearable – that’s why we’re here. To provide mosquito removal and help spread useful knowledge about these pesky creatures right in your backyard. Get ready to debunk some mosquito myths, so you can be better informed and remove the mystery and fear around mosquitoes.


  • Mosquitoes are the deadliest creature on the planet. Fact! As you may have read from our previous blogs, mosquitoes kill more people than any other creature on earth according to the CDC. Mosquitoes can kill 750,000 to 1 million people a year.
  • All mosquitoes bite. Myth! Female mosquitoes are the ones the worry about; females bite while males feed on flower nectar. Therefore, female mosquitoes bite and spread mosquito borne illnesses and can lay thousands of eggs with the nutrients from human/animal blood.
  • All species of mosquitoes carry disease. Myth! There are around 3,500 species of mosquitoes, but the majority do not prefer/bother humans. In fact, there are species that are more subject to carrying certain diseases. For example, the species Aedes carries Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika and Yellow Fever, while species Anopheles carries Malaria and Lymphatic filariasis.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to a certain blood type. Fact! While there is still some debate around this topic, according to the NIH and other sources, mosquitoes do show the most attraction to type O blood. Other factors can impact your susceptibility to mosquito bites like dark or bright clothing, exercising/sweating, if you’ve been consuming sweet alcoholic beverages like beer and more.
  • All mosquito removal methods are equal. Myth! Not all mosquito removal was created equal, some removal methods simply deter mosquitoes for a short period of time before you have to reapply or re-spray racking up serious amounts of money…and chemicals. If you like worry free, guaranteed mosquito removal, we here at Mosquito Magnet of the Caribbean have your back. We’re your go-to for an eco-friendly option you can feel good about while eliminating potential mosquito colonies in your area.


Mosquitoes are nothing to underestimate in our community; make sure you armed with knowledge when out and about or even traveling internationally! Not seeing content you’d like covered in our blogs? Reach out to us at https://mosquitohelp.com/ or leave us a comment on one of our blogs!