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Are these machines effective?
Yes, the machines severely reduce or eliminate the mosquito population at your property and have been shown to be the most effective mosquito trap on the market.
Will these machines harm the environment?
No, these machines are the most ecologically friendly solution for your mosquito problem.
How quickly will there be results after installation of the machines?
Usually they begin to show positive results in the first 2 weeks and begin to collapse the population entirely within about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the specifics of your property.
Where are the machines placed?
They will be placed outside of your property in order to eliminate the local mosquito population.
What happens if there is a hurricane?
You the owner are responsible for your trap from damage due to weather or misuse however we can provide a storage service prior to storms.
Will this machine catch other types of bugs such as Noseeums?
Yes, it will catch Noseeums however it is most effective on the mosquito population.
How many customers do you service?
We service dozens of villas and business clients throughout the USVI and distribute Mosquito Magnet products throughout the Caribbean.


How often will you be out to service the machines?
We service the machines on a 21 day cycle. That means we will be out to your property at around the same time and day every three weeks.
Will I be charged for repairs?
Depends. Some repairs are covered and some are not. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
What happens if a machine stops working?
We will be out to your site during our routine service and will place a loaner machine in its place. We will repair your machine and return it at the next service or before.

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