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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared mosquito borne illnesses to be one of the top threats across the globe, and an expensive threat at that. We are going to break down some of the costs of mosquitoes to give you an idea how costly and deadly mosquitoes can be to individuals and nations attempting to battle the cost of mosquito borne illnesses like Dengue, West Nile, Malaria, etc.


Annually, billions of dollars are spent worldwide on treatment and the development of new and more advanced treatments for patients. This includes mosquito control and educational programs like PAHO to spread awareness and curb outbreaks in densely populated areas prone to mosquitoes/mosquito borne illnesses. An outbreak alone can cost around $2 million on average and increase depending upon whether or not the outbreak is controlled, and local hospitals/organizations can get ahead of the spread of the outbreak.


In developing nations where there are few resources and the environment is perfect for mosquitoes to thrive, the annual cost can be staggering. For example, individuals in developing nations, the treatment for a family member with a mosquito borne illness, can cost ten times the amount they make in month. Not only is the cost to treat and prevent the impact of mosquitoes great, but the cost of developing treatment and vaccinations is an uphill battle of money and complexities of different mosquito borne illnesses that are ever changing.


In the continental US, the West Nile virus costs the US economy approximately $200 million and that even excludes control efforts and lost productivity. This pales in comparison to Dengue, which can cost near $3 billion annually due to the fact that almost 3 billion people live in areas at risk to and exposed to Dengue. Just when you think, how could it get more expensive? Well, let’s reference Malaria in Africa.


Malaria in Africa has come to the point where it impact has reached into the productivity of the continent; $12 billion has been lost in productivity to mosquito borne illness/malaria. Its price has been 40% of the public health expenditure and an overwhelming 60% of health clinic visits.


By 2027, it’s expected mosquito repellent market value will increase by around 68% worldwide. The average person in the continental US spends hundreds of dollars year-round on mosquito repellent that doesn’t get to the root of the problem and simply masks the issue at hand. Mosquito Magnet of the Caribbean will provide guaranteed mosquito removal and eliminate the threat of a mosquito colony near your home or business without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals that negatively impact your community and the beauty that is the Caribbean!