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If you’re new to island life and you’re not sure how to prep for the rains or even a hurricane, take a look at a few tips to help keep the worry out of a hurricane season. 

One of the things to focus on is having disaster supplies gathered together in one essential kit. Some of the obvious things and not so obvious would be water, 3-day supply of food, flashlight, first aid kit, radio, chargers, utensils, batteries, extra clothes, sanitation (bags, towelettes, etc.), cash and much more. We’ll attach a recommended essential checklist below. 

If you have time before a hurricane to prep, make sure to tie down or put away outdoor furniture that could blow or float away. If you’ve ever had to pick up after a hurricane, you know lots of things wash up into your yard and can potentially be dangerous like glass or rusty nails/metal. Make an effort to get some bungee cords or straps ready and tie to a safe place on the deck, under the house, into the garage, etc. 

Shutter or lock up windows. Depending upon the category of hurricane, wind speed can get up to or over 100mph carrying debris with it. If your windows aren’t impact resistant, prepare properly or even look into getting new windows installed to protect your home. 

Clean out the gutters and trim any nearby tree limbs. Leaves, branches and debris can block up your gutters causing an overflow of water that could potentially damage siding, the roof and even send water straight into the house or basement. Trimming away any nearby tree branches or even trees, can be one less thing to pick up from your yard or even from inside your home. Those high winds can carry a branch right through your windows or be the catalyst of a tree falling on your home.

Even with a brand new home with top of the line, hurricane proof planning can have some weak spots, so it’s best to prepare the best you can. Not sure what to do with your Mosquito Magnet trap(s)? No worries! We offer storage options during the hurricane season and will pick up and re-deliver your traps once weather has subsided

We want to help make hurricane preparation as easy as possible, so consider Mosquito Magnet one less thing to worry about. Not sure what to do? Give us a call!