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It may sound strange, but mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on earth. While it’s a very discomforting fact, it’s… well, true. Mosquitoes can infect and kill close to 1 million people annually and can adapt in almost all climates. With a creature that kills this many people and animals, you may think it may have no natural predators, quite the contrary dear readers! Mosquitoes have a lot more predators than you may think, so we’ll let you know what to keep or otherwise “make friends” with in your backyard.


  • Spiders – Yes, spiders eat up pesky mosquitoes that fly into their webs
  • Dragonflies – Dragonflies are tremendous hunters and kill 90-95% of prey making them some of the most efficient hunters. Dragonflies actually prefer the mosquito larvae in wet areas versus the actual adult, flying mosquito.
  • Tadpoles and frogs – Tadpoles and frogs, like dragonflies, consume the mosquito larvae. Tadpoles also compete with mosquito larvae for food, so it’s more competition rather than predation.
  • Bats – Bats do consume mosquitoes and also hunt other bugs that are easier to locate.
  • Birds – Birds eat both the mosquitoes and their larvae, like bats, you’ll see the swooping and looping to catch those mosquitoes.
  • Fish – You may have wondered why fish jump or hang out around the surface; it’s to catch food either within the water, or in this case, near the top of the water or lingering close to the water.



Some of these beings are welcomed in our backyard or business, while others are not. No need to make big lifestyle changes to bring these predators into the mix, but rather make small changes or acceptances for a spider or two you see lurking or keep out that bird feeder in the backyard. Overall, fish seem to be the most effective natural mosquito predators, eating both the mosquito and larvae.


The lifespan of a mosquito is anywhere from 3-4 to at max 2 weeks, so it’s best to get ahead of the problem if you have an infestation indoors or a colony brewing outdoors. Plants and predators may ease the problem, but sometimes a more serious, guaranteed removal is the right thing to do to protect you and others.


While natural predators exist and do help, mosquito numbers are vast and ever expanding throughout the world, and at Mosquito Magnet, we are fully aware. If you’re trying to stick to the natural/eco-friendly mosquito removal option, you’re in the right place! We also have more tips and tricks sprinkled through our blog posts, but if you ever have questions, feel free to reach out!