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We are all hoping for the best in 2021, right? 2020 was… to say the least, a rollercoaster. Your New Year’s resolutions of 2020 might have been put on hold and it’s time for a circle back, or you may have changed your goals completely in the current environment many of us are in. You may have switched your focus to doing something that can help others by volunteering more, improving your health, giving more or even going the eco-friendly route.


Mosquito Magnet is an eco-friendly mosquito removal solution, so we thought we’d put together a realistic eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions list with simple things to get you started. A lot of eco-friendly substitutions are not only good for the environment, but can save you money and preserve precious resources within the island communities of the USVI. Below, we’ve got a few ideas, so lets get to it.


  • Switch to reusable bags – Reusable bags keep single use plastics from landfills and it’s one of the easiest switches to make. Plus, reusable bags can be stronger than the typical plastic bags (handles tearing, sharp containers poking through, ripping on the bottom… plastic bags can be a pain).
  • Reducing water use – Water is a precious source on an island, so switch to timers for say watering plants/lawns, wash full loads of laundry/dishes, shorter showers, install rain barrels, etc. There are so many easy ways to save water.
  • Bike or walk – If available, bike or walk on short trips or plan to make the most out of a trip to town. Whether your car is electric or gas, biking or walking will not only reduce electricity or carbon emissions, but will leave get you some good exercise and who doesn’t love natural endorphins?
  • Plastic free – Try going plastic free for a set period of time and see how it goes. It can be difficult since most of our foods are packaged in plastic, but it’s not completely impossible. Try farmer’s markets and sustainable companies that don’t use plastic in their products for starters.
  • Plant based diet – Many of us love meat, cheese, milk and more, but try switching to a plant based meal a few times a week and experiment while cooking at home (another eco-friendly option) or eating/taking out at new veggie-focused local restaurants.


There are countless, simple ways to make an eco-friendly switch that can even save a buck, so if you’re up to it, look into it further! Mosquito Magnet is committed to sticking with our eco-friendly traps – no chemicals, less waste, better results!