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You’re probably wondering how those pesky mosquitoes actually thrive and what makes them yearn for humans and animals alike. All mosquitoes need water to thrive, and are broken into two simple groups: permanent water mosquitoes and flood water mosquitoes

Permanent water mosquitoes are those that lay their eggs in “rafts” which are basically little clumps that can range from tens to hundreds of eggs. These rafts are found on the edges of bodies of water like lakes, ponds, marshy areas, kiddie pools, buckets or the ever-common bromeliad. Depending upon the species of mosquito, the water can be clean or stagnant. 

Floodwater mosquitoes on the other hand, lay their eggs or rafts in the soil when it’s moist which then dry up as the ground does. When the next rain comes through, the water hatches the eggs, which can range in number from hundreds of thousands to millions per acre; they’re most common in ditches where water runs off, meadows, fields, floodplains, etc.  These types of mosquitoes prefer dirty, stagnant water mostly. 

Mosquitoes unfortunately have the ability to thrive in any weather or condition, aside from cold weather, which as many of us know, leads to their pesky behavior and relentlessness here in the USVI. 

In these types of environments, mosquitoes flock to the desirous, natural form of humans or animals. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, the scent of our skin and the warmth of our breath making it hard to escape wherever you may be. Ditch the temporary fixes of candles, sticky sprays, gadgets, etc. and get a mosquito solution that works for you

Mosquito Magnet provides a long-term solution that begins to solve your mosquito problem in a matter of days and disrupts the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes near your home or business, drastically reducing numbers. Our traps are the only eco-conscious solution to make your home or stay more enjoyable with no hassle.