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Indigenous flowers of the USVIs are beautiful; the century plant, prickly pear, Turk’s cap, liana fragante, casha, locustberry, night blooming cereus, hibiscus, poinsettia and more are all plants that make up the landscape. 

Indigenous plants and trees are those that occur naturally to the area and are the basis of ecological diversification of life on an island or the mainland. Their existence help preserve water and helps all sorts of species thrive, including birds and other creatures that even consume mosquitoes. It’s always in everyone’s best interest to plant what comes natural to the area, but what about plants that help keep mosquitoes at bay? 

There are so many types of fruit trees and plants to introduce to your landscaping that help support the island’s natural eco-system as well as the beloved pollinator population. Introducing some different plants indoors and outdoors to help ward off mosquitoes can help your Mosquito Magnet trap to be more effective and also enhance the natural beauty of your property while being eco-friendly. 

We’ve included just a few types of plants that have been studied and used for their natural mosquito and pest repellent, which is primarily their essential oil.


  • Lavender: Not only does lavender smell wonderful and promote calm, but also it may hinder a mosquito’s ability to detect and smell humans/animals. Mosquitoes are attracted to our natural, warm form and the carbon dioxide we exhale, lavender’s essential oil may not only keeps away mosquitoes but other pesky animals as well. 
  • Citronella: True varieties of citronella plant grown in the vicinity are said to be more effective than citronella oils and sprays at warding off mosquitoes. The almost lemony scent of citronella smells great to us, but not so great for mosquitoes.
  • Basil and Rosemary: Basil, and especially rosemary, have an almost astringent aroma that are excellent at not only warding off mosquitoes, but other pesky insects like flies and moths. These two herbs are also great to consume in many culinary delights, so why not add these lovely, aromatic plants to your landscape or home?
  • Mint and Catnip: Mint and catnip both have that peppery flavor and smell that are an excellent addition to pest control. Catnip grows fast and can spread like a weed, but the stronger the aroma, the fewer mosquitoes/pests.


These are just a few ideas to consider indoors and outdoors for any type of pest problem, especially mosquitoes. If you are an individual who constantly suffers from mosquito bites, try out some natural plants alongside our Mosquito Magnet services to increase the natural beauty and see if taking another eco-friendly change helps!

Simply planting these types of plants won’t solve your mosquito problem though. Unfortunately, these plants don’t just spew essential oils into the air, but they can help in conjunction with a more guaranteed mosquito control method. If you’re tired of trying to fight mosquitoes and it’s becoming an uphill battle, we offer the eco-friendly solution to your mosquito woes.